Inovex provides full service in foreign trade transactions to the manufacturers of  Textile & Food & Chemical products that do not have the configuration of foreign trade department with its expert staff in their field. Here, the manufacturers do not directly deal with the foreign trade processes, but they do so from the outside.

• Productivity gains are achieved by focusing on the production activities for which the manufacturer companies are specialists,
• Financing convenience is achieved,
• A tax advantage is provided to the producer on exported sales,
• Allocation of significant budgets to foreign trade personnel and marketing is not needed,
• Protected from risks originating from foreign trade,
• Rapid progress is provided in foreign markets,
• More focusing on the domestic market is provided,
• Contribution to the development of products and services through analysis of competitor manufacturers abroad is provided,
• By importing, the most suitable raw material, semi-finished product or product for the producers is supplied and a significant contribution is made in production costs.