We are a Group of Companies Headquarters based in Istanbul, one of the most important hub worldwide. Our group is active in 3 sectors, Textiles, Food & Beverages and Chemicals sectors.

For food and beverage company, please visit : www.inovexfoods.com

For chemistry company, please visit : www.inovexchem.com

In chemistry sector we are producing OEM Surface cleaners – Bathroom Wc cleaners – Stain removers – Carpet and Sofa cleaner products – Wood cleaners – Liquid hand and dish soaps – Sanitation products – Glass cleaners.
Ministry of Health approved GMP certified superior success Hand and Skin disinfectants – Environmental Disinfectants – Foot Care – Wound Care – Intim – Oral Care Disinfectants. Large head farms – Poultry Houses – Advanced disinfectant and protection products for beehives Degreasers – Rust Removers – Paint Removers – Industrial Kitchen Chemicals – CNC Countertop Cleaners – Floor and Epoxy Cleaners – Air Conditioning Serpentine Cleaners – Lime Removers

Apart from being a versatile manufacturer, we coordinate the manufacturing and sourcing of a comprehensive range of garments, leather products, socks, shoes, intimate wear, swimwear, seamless underwear etc. through a network of offices in four continents. At a glance, the services offered by Inovex Global are :


• Product Development
• Merchandising
• Worldwide Sourcing and Placement
• Information Technology Support
• Product Integrity Support
• Product Tracking
• Quality Assurance
• Compliance Management
• Logistics